Currently Listening To ...

1. Pink Floyd - The Endless River

2. Snarky Puppy - We Like It Here

3. Genesis - Wind & Wuthering

4. Todd Rundgren - Liars

5. Dirty Loops - Loopified

6. George Harrison - Wonderwall Music

7. Crowded House - Together Alone

8. Beck - Morning Phase

9. Richard Wright - Broken China

10.Black Crowes - By Your Side


Ron Says ...

* Those of you who are Zappa fans, I highly recommend you check out the Ed Palermo Band. Fascinating new arrangements of Zappa material performed by world class musicians, often joined onstage by ex-Zappa Band alumni.


* Went to see guitarist Paul Gilbert at the Iridium recently. Tremendous musician, very inspiring.


* Currently reading the Pete Townshend autobiography, "Who I Am". Recommended reading. I was never a huge fan of The Who, but it is a very enjoyable book whether you are a fan or not. I have a new found respect for the man and his work. Great job Pete.


* Reading a new book by the drummer Zoro, called "The Big Gig". Highly recommended for any musician.


* Went to the Porcupine Tree show at Radio City in New York. Gavin Harrison is very inspiring. Really amazing drummer.


* Listening to a lot of Incubus. I enjoyed their earlier work, although it was a bit uneven at times. Their last few efforts though have shown a big leap in their songwriting abilities. It's really impressive how they've matured and evolved their style. Great stuff.


*Went to see Peter Frampton recently. On this tour he is playing Frampton Comes Alive in its entirety. The band sounds great, the material still holds up after all this time and Peter has taken his guitar playing to another level. Great show.


Quote Of The Month

"A musician must make music if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself." - Abraham Maslow


Photo Of The Month

Raleigh, NC 2/20/11 Raleigh, NC 2/20/11                                    
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